This is the 360° view from the roof of a house in .

HAVING the mouse over the picture:
SHIFT zooms in and Ctrl zooms out
click and pull your mouse to get moving up+down and right+left all around 360°

in the same street you see several little houses which have been built by the famous architect Egon Eiermann who has worked in Buchen for some time. Egon Eiermann also has built a part of the "Hotel Prinz Carl" in the center of Buchen/Odenwald. Egon Eiermann is one of the attractions of Buchen. Tourists pass along our house to see the Egon Eiermann buildings on the other side. You have the advantage to see the Egon Eiermann buildings  directly HERE in Buchen from our roof.

Here you can have a phantastic view from the top terrace of a dialysis clinic in Naples/Italy
and enjoy the panorama of the Gulf of Naples with the silhouette of the Vesuvio Vulcano!

Another panorama from the "Wartturm" tower above Bad Mergentheim in Germany,
revealing a breathtaking view over 7 valleys around the city.

And form a castle ruin near Malsfeld/Germany overlooking a marvellous landscape south from Kassel

View from the summit of the Gibel mountain (2035 m heoght)
in the Bern Oberland area

PhotoDocs: Theme Actual Future Past Special DocPresentation

Look into the heart of things through your photo-camera...!

Do you know IPIX?
You should! Take a visit to and see 3-dimensional photography even 3D movie!

There is a wonderful site with a lot of IPIX-Photos "stepping right in the middle of Jerusalem

PhotoDocs: Theme Actual Future Past Special DocPresentation

This time-lapse recording of an afternoon and evening until dawn
has been made from working room
of Wolfgang Ellenberger on September 19th, 2007.

PhotoDocs: Theme Actual Future Past Special DocPresentation

Very interesting:
The New Physician's
8th Annual Creative Arts Contest
done by the big magazine from the
American Medical Student Association

brings the three best photos

apart from the best art objects

and some poetry

and a short story.......

PhotoDocs: Theme Actual Future Past Special DocPresentation


PhotoDocs: Theme Actual Future Past Special DocPresentation

PhotoDoc: 360° panorama photo

click on the photo and download a 3,5 MB file so you can view a 360° panorama of the most beautiful valley
where the psychosomatic clinic is situated I work in:

Panorama MIT viewer

Zoom: When mouse is over the middle and looks like magnifying glass, pull up or down
move: When outside of middle click and pull arrow in desired direction.


Theme Actual Future Past Special


1) Ulf Winkler is PhotoDoc from Dresden/Germany:

here you find his homepage:
He is working on a project as "ArchitectDoc" restauring a 200-year-old mill......!
Click on the photo to see his huge picture gallery with extraordinary pictures of the big flood in Dresden
covering the Semper Opera House and the Hilton Hotel and the banks of the Elbe river!

'Abend an der Elbe (Dresden-Hosterwitz)' von Ulf Winkler
copyright Ulf Winkler his picture gallery with discussion on photos.

2) Ulf Wittenberg is not only JazzDoc

(as already presented) but also PhotoDoc, ArtDoc, SaxDoc, BlusHarpDoc, JazzSingingDoc.



Snow in the Odenwald

at villa maligna in the Toscana/Italy

3) Isabel Serrano Tendero from Tenerife /Spain

is not only PianoDoc, ViolinDoc, ClarinetDoc as already reported, but also PhotoDoc


a series of pictures from Denmark

you can download high resolution photos
making right-click and "save target to.....",
please refer to
"photo: Isabel Serrano, Tenerife"

See pictures and about her in her presentation!

4) Wolfgang Ellenberger is PhotoDoc

morning athmosphere

on 27 March 2003 I was lucky that the pilot starting from Naples/Italy
made a curve just passing at an ideal point at the right moment:
"Vesuvio with cloud"
©Wolfgang Ellenberger
(in the background on the right: Pompei)


Have you ever seen a CIRCULAR rainbow?
Here it is ABOVE the clouds from my airplane!



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