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In many big cities there are doctors orchestras, also all over the world.

Our special is that you can see a dentist in a film! See section "Special" and click on navigation bar.

You can find a huge list in the section "DocPresentation" (which would have to be called "DocOrchestraPresentation"!)

OrchestraDocs: Theme Actual Future Past Special OrchestraPresentation

The PDO is being founded, PhilharmonicDoctorsOrchestra

PDO has a double meaning:
for MusicDocs and PsychoProfessionals

targeting a complete opera production with MusicDocs
and not only producing music but
work with ourselves as in psychotherapeutic supervision
and thus get into very good and profound communication:

First of all:
The Magic Flute

See more at www.PDO.name , meet the founders Callista Janzing, Otmar Desch and Wolfgang Ellenberger and register for the very first production - "The Magic Flute" of Mozart! Click on pictures to get on their personal web pages.

Otmar Desch Portrait
general practitioner

Callista Janzing
personal - musicians coach

Wolfgang Ellenberger
concert pianist
medical doctor


We are planning on four working phases beginning in spring 2009 until the first full opera performance will be possible. Each of the first three working phases will have a symphonic concert as a highlight including several opera arias from the production and at least one symphonic work. The climax of the fourth working phase will be one ore two performances of the entire opera!

The organisation will be formed of an orchestra, choir, solo singers, director, stage designer, costume maker. We are looking forward to discover new talents!

The place of the performance is still open, but the minimum will be a big concert hall with a modest stage setting. Another of the options in discussion is an open-air performance at an established outdoor opera festival....! In any case the video documentation will be available as DVD and online at www.YouTube.com/DoctorsTalents (84 films already there) afterwards as a multiplication platform.

Just in case there are more interested MusicDocs than necessary for the "Magic Flute" we might even run other projects in "parallel mode": Otmar Desch might setup his stage musical "The Call of the Dalai Lama" again, which has had its world premiere in Stendal/Germany 2007 and other options.

Please submit the form on the www.PDO.name web page and let us know what you can do for this production!

Finally the WDO World Doctors Orchestra has been founded!

Stefan Willich from Berlin/Germany

The new World Doctors Orchestra was founded in 2007 and had its first absolute performance on MAy 4th, 2008 in the Berlin Philharmony. It is dedicated to global symphony: our music playing will also foster the international understanding and networking of physicians and support the development of medicine and health policy in the world.

Founder and conductor is Stefan Willich, Professor in Medicine at the Charité University Medical Center in Berlin, Germany, the largest medical school in Europe (see www.charite.de/epidemiologie ). He is also an experienced and avid musician and studied violin, chamber music and conducting in Stuttgart, Berlin, Boston/Tanglewood and Paris.

We are inviting medical doctors from all over the world to share our vision and enjoy music by participating in the first sessions and inauguration concert in Berlin, Germany, in the winter of 2007/2008. The duration will be 5 days. The first concert will include works by Dvorak and Beethoven to be performed twice, in the medical community and in the Berlin Philharmonic Hall. The rehearsals include coaching by professional musicians. Apart from orchestra playing there will be ample opportunity for chamber music and socializing. Proficiency in classical instrument and orchestra experience are requested.


OrchestraDocs: Theme Actual Future Past Special OrchestraPresentation

If you are from the board of a DocOrchestra please think about this:

Often the DocOrchestras want to pull in audience (and profile themselves.....!) hiring well-known soloists for their recitals.
But are you sure this is really necessary?

There are many super-professional MusicDocs who have passed their musical professional diploma at a music academy!
Wouldn´t it be even more impressive to put this into the publicity of your recital?
Why would the audience want to hear a famous soloist (who can be heard anywhere) but only accompanied by an amateur orchestra?
It might be much more interesting to hire one of these professional MusicDocs!

If you want to do so let me know! Maybe I can give you some contact information. Right now you can look for MusicDocs at DoctorsTalents.com. One information you have already at hand:
You could engage me as a professional concert pianist with Haydn piano concerto D major [2 oboe, 2 horns] or Mozart concerto A major (KV 488) [1 flute, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns]. Your orchestra gets the music sheets as a present anyways: Download here: www.Ellenberger.name/Haydn !


You can see a dentist from Taipei Doctors Orchestrea in a film online! Click to our special presentation!


Theme Actual Future Past Special


In Germany for example in

Thanks to Dr. Soukup for his phantastic colection in http://aerzteorchester.com which enlarged my list quite a bit!


FluteDoc Martin Donner founded this Austrian Doctors Orchestra in 2004!
See more at http://www.cameratamedica-wien.at and www.camerata-pannonica.com


Medizinerorchester Bern/Switzerland

Founded in 1968 by medical students the orchestra is mixed with other professions in the meantime. As always among medical doctors it is difficult to maintain the dates of rehearsals because of busy working conditions, said Urs Wild, the president of the orchestra on the phone. He likes the idea of the contact forum DoctorsTalents.com and could imagine that some members come for working phases of the EDO European Doctors Orchestra...



Barcelona doctors orchestra

(Orquestra Ars Medica) seems to be the only one in Spain.


Bucharest Doctors Orchestra: http://rotravel.com/medicine/fmm_e.htm 
in the organisational form of a foundation "medicine and music". In english!
another report about them: http://www.theory.nipne.ro/~isar/medorc.html

Now they have an own homepage: http://www.orchestramedicilor.home.ro/ 

There is a cooperation concert with EDO (European Doctors Orchestra, see below)
June 3,4,5   2005 in Bucharest
in the Atheneum Theatre Bucharest!


Harri Hyppölä is ConductorDoc and founder of the Finnish Tahdistinorkesteri in Kuopio/Finland.


conductor Harri Hyppölä
+358 (40) 512 47 72, email: harri.hyppolafimnet.fi

Intendentti Maija Tusa
+358 (50) 413 26 51, email: maija.tusauku.fi


One of the biggest complexes world-wide is the

VA-National Medical Musical Group NMMG

in Washington D.C.: http://www.medicalmusical.org 
They have also some audio and video examples (click on the links on the left hand side)
There is also a cooperation with a "Medical Choir" and soloists.

click on the photos for more information:
the orchestra and choir!
Victor S. Whaby, their founder and conductor

The Doctors Orchestra of Houston

Texas! What a perfectly organized structure! http://www.doctorsorchestrahouston.org/index.htm 

McGill University doctors orchestra

now with an own homepage at http://www.imedici.mcgill.ca !

Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra

When you are on their homepage, click "Music Excerps" to hear samples of four soundtracks!

Longwood Symphony Orchestra

The Orchestra of Boston´s Medical Community.
Also working as BenefizDocs !
Visit their site: http://www.longwoodsymphony.org 

Philadelphia Doctors Chamber Orchestra

now recruiting string players!

Visit the page of their founder Fawzi: http://meuse.com/john/music.html  and the
new Philadelphia Doctors Chamber Orchestra page  (well-done!):
http://www.doctorsorchestra.com  !

Watch a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwgCdNlOYms

University of Michigan Life Sciences Orchestra LSO

having a big bunch of health care professionals as members
and having a phantastic homepage: http://www.umich.edu/~lsorch/ 


Dr. Stephen Moshman conducts a practice session of the Albert Einstein Symphony Orchestra.Dr. Stephen Moshman, conductor

The Albert Einstein Symphony Orchestra, now in its 23rd season, is composed largely of students, housestaff and faculty of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals, as well as talented musicians from surrounding communities.  We regularly give four concerts a year, and perform works from the early Baroque through the 20th Century, from small chamber pieces to larger Romantic symphonies and concertos.  We also have done vocal music, including recent concert performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's Trial by Jury, Iolanthe, The Gondoliers and The Mikado.

an article about them: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4167265 

Doctors Orchestral Society of New York has been founded in 1938!

Visit their presentation page



Australian Doctors Orchestra ADO

New South Wales Doctors Orchestra


EDO European Doctors Orchestra

The European Doctors Orchestra is looking for members to participate in its inaugural concert,
to be held at Blackheath Halls on Sunday November 21st. 2004, conducted by Rupert Bond.

One of their founders, Miki Pohl:

Rossini…Thieving Magpie Overture
Beethoven…Violin Concerto, Soloist: Elizabeth Wallfisch
Brahms…2nd Symphony
Elgar…Pomp and Circumstance March No.4

For full details please go to:


Download a poster for their first recital on November 21st 2004 in London (word document, takes some time)

Some photos from the rehearsals and the first recital    

First DVD from inaugural recital!

European Medical Students Orchestra

see http://www.emso.info and www.EMSO2005.info with many informations!
See also the PhotoGallery at Tim Pietzker´s homepage: http://www.pietzckers.de/rehearsals1.htm 

EMSO is cooperating with the European Medical Students Choir EMSC


I found you web page (orchestra docs) on the internet and I was wondering if you could add some information on it about this years EMSO and EMSC.
They will happen together in Ljubljana ,Slovenia between 31.7.2009 and 9.8.2009.
these are the links to our webpages:

Thanks a lot for your help

But see here: http://www.emsc.org , The European Medical Students Choir!



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share your experiences with the community and send it to Wolfgang[AT]Ellenberger.name
please with photos etc. as attachment! Or fill out this simple hobby-form.

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