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October 2002

" Deutsches Ärzteblatt
Deutsches Ärzteblatt 99, Ausgabe 39 vom 27.09.2002, Seite A-2567 / B-2192 / C-2055
VARIA: Kunst & Antiquitäten

official german medical journal

August 7, 2003

important german daily medical newspaper lbr
08.10.03, 16:59 Uhr

HiFi magazine  (in german)  pdf from January 2004
Dermatologist Magazine (monthly)
2004 Jan-Feb Dermatology Journal Ärztliche Praxis

January 2005: several press reports BEFORE and AFTER the benefiz recital for help to Sri Lanka
with founder Wolfgang Ellenberger and RocketDoc Vasantha Ganepola explaining his help organisation.

ÄrzteZeitung May 25, 2005

important german daily medical newspaper

Hessisches Ärzteblatt September 2005
official medical journal for chamber Hessen

Deutsches Ärzteblatt October 14, 2005

(official german medical journal)

Dental Magazin Oktober 2005
official trend-setting dentist magazine in Germany
Rubrik Rheinisches Ärzteblatt
Rheinisches Ärzteblatt November 2005
official medical journal for chamber Nordrhein

Marburger Bund Zeitung
Europes biggest medical doctor association

reporting about our vision of a

May 10th, 2007
"The General Practitioner"  (reaching 50.000 GPs in Germany!)
Very nice article about our portal by
Stefan Lummer, redaction of "Der Allgemeinarzt"
Announcement of Bomberg recital in Buchen

Review about Recital in Buchen November 2nd, 2007

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Impressum
Bomberg recital RNZ November 2nd, 2007
2/March-April 2008
Talentschuppen (talent club) in the internet
by a great german urologist magazine
ÄP - Dermatology March-April 2008
ÄP-Pediatrics 2008-03/04
FN about vice president Postulka
in European Doctors Orchestra
FN about PDO and WDO
About the web site
August 2008
  dent-online about and PDO

as of today (2008-10-01) the best article ever written about ! Gold medal!
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